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PORTRAIT CLINIC is a comprehensive on-line continuing education workshop that is dedicated to the instruction of professional photographic techniques and portrait skills.  Professional photographer - Mark Hamilton provides detailed instruction and mentoring to professional and aspiring photographers, with emphasis on natural posing, lighting, image enhancement, business operations, and much more!  PORTRAIT CLINIC is ideally suited for both professional and aspiring portrait and wedding photographers.

Different from typical online community based forums, Mark goes way beyond - providing photographers with detailed, yet easy to understand, instruction - suited for both photographers at all skill levels.  Beginning with the basics, foundations are quickly built as you work towards utilizing even the most sophisticated of photographic techniques.  Mark breaks down complex information by showing you - step-by-step - exactly what to do!  You can't miss with his proven approach to teaching!

Compare These Before and After Images

Get the comprehensive and detailed instruction that will make a real difference in YOUR work! 

These two portraits were created exactly one week apart from each other.  The remarkable improvement (demonstrated on the right) was the result of Mark's detailed on-line instruction/coaching, along with the maker's practice sessions over a period of only four different evenings.  It takes detailed instruction, a cooperative subject, and a determined student to make this much improvement in just one week.  With effort, just imagine how far YOU could go in a month, six months, or even a year! 

                           * Images courtesy of Shaun and Julie Von Ins.

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What Other People Are Saying

"I'm glad you're teaching now. Good for you!" - Monte Zucker - Legendary Photographer and Teacher, Williams Island FL USA.

"Thanks for a wonderful, amazing, fabulous week!  Mark, your mastery of your art is inspiring; thank you for passing it down to us" - Shawn Von Ins, Holland MI USA.

"Mark, you are the best teacher of lighting, portraiture, and posing that I have ever had. You have the ability to present difficult concepts and techniques in a very clear manner and your skills and insight as an instructor to assess the individual needs of each student are superb. You have an uncanny ability to simultaneously give your students constructive criticism and encouragement to help them become the best they can be. I, for one, greatly appreciate this as such is not always the case with some of the egotistical instructors I have encountered on my photographic journey."  Rod Cole, Round Rock TX USA.

Mark, what a great time that I had at your fall workshop in Oakville. The combination of lecture and hands-on learning was just perfect. Also, the fact that we did multiple setups with studio lighting and gear really helped me to see lighting more clearly. The facility you have with your clients is also something that only comes with experience and a great care for producing the best image possible. Invaluable to me was the demonstrations that you did of off-camera location lighting. This to me was worth the price of the seminar. You have a keen eye for lighting and composition and your images show. Your willingness to share your techniques shows an unselfish love of your craft. Thanks for a great experience.  Mike Provencher, Nashville TN USA.

"Hi Mark, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say "thank you" for one amazing week!  The workshop was incredible.  I have not even began to digest all of the information that I've gathered." - Doxa Coates, Oakville ON Canada.

"Hi Mark!  Thank you so very much for such a wonderful experience this past week.  I learned a lot and I look forward to getting out this coming week to put what I can into practice.  You are so kind to share your knowledge with folks like myself.  It was a joy to watch and learn from you. I have absolutely no doubt that I did the right thing by attending." - Lorraine Lorette, Halifax NS Canada.

"I just wanted to say what an amazing group of people you all are!  Mark has an amazing wealth of knowledge that he is able to share. Just an absolute amazing experience!  I'm glad I could be part of it!!" - Robbie Burns, WI USA.

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