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By Mark Hamilton

Membership is FREE For Qualified Photographers!  

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PORTRAIT CLINIC - Membership Benefits

PORTRAIT CLINIC is a comprehensive on-line continuing education workshop that is dedicated to the instruction of professional photographic techniques and portrait skills.  Professional photographer - Mark Hamilton provides detailed instruction and mentoring to professional and aspiring photographers, with emphasis on natural looking posing, lighting, image enhancement, business operations, and much more!  PORTRAIT CLINIC is ideally suited for both professional and aspiring wedding and portrait and photographers.

Different from typical online community based forums, Mark goes way beyond - providing photographers with detailed, yet easy to understand, instruction that is suited for photographers at all skill levels.  Beginning with the basics, foundations are quickly built as you work towards utilizing even the most sophisticated of photographic techniques.  Mark breaks down complex information by showing you - step-by-step - exactly what to do!  You can't miss with his proven approach to teaching!

PORTRAIT CLINIC uses a variety of approaches to ensure the best possible learning experience.  Among them are... 

  • Detailed lessons - located on the website, rather than simply posted on a message forum.

  • Finished Portraits and other still images that can be analysed and copied for your own use.

  • Detailed set-up shots; often showing different angles - makes it almost seem like you are right there.

  • Diagrams showing lighting and other equipment in relation to the subjects.

  • On-line screencasts demonstating Photshop techniques.

  • On-line video segments from live portrait sessions (coming soon).

  • On-line members' forum for exchanging information with Mark, along with other members.  Note: Unlike other websites, the forum on PORTRAIT CLINIC is fully integrated within the website itself.  This means there is no more getting lost...all of the information, whether on the website itself or on the forum, is just a simple click or two away. 

  • Each member on Portrait Clinic has their very own Gallery that they may use to showcase their favorite work.

  • An image critique section where Mark will comment on members' images, pointing out the good aspects and making positive suggestions for further improvement.  In addition to written critiques, Mark will sometimes use audio/video methods to best demonstrate particular points (coming soon).  This is sure to be a popular section with all members, and certainly a great learning tool for all.

All of these approaches combine to form the nucleus of the member's education on PORTRAIT CLINIC. 


Among the areas covered within PORTRAIT CLINIC are...
  • How to analyse faces; minimizing flaws and bringing out the very best in your subjects.

  • Simple poses that are guaranteed to make everyone look their best. 

  • Easy to understand studio lighting; low-key, high-key and everything in between. 

  • How to quickly and easily put groups together - 2, 3, 4, 5 people and more!  Build wonderful group compositions while ensuring that each person still looks good on their own.

  • Working with window light.

  • How to find the best locations and natural lighting outdoors.

  • Working with light modifiers, such as reflectors, translucent panels, gobos, etc. 

  • Using Flash effectively outdoors; off-camera, bare-bulb, and even when to use on-camera flash.

  • Strategies for quick and effective posing at weddings.

  • How to make the best use of an assistant at weddings (and that's not just carrying the equipment bags).

  • Learn Mark's workflow and numerous Photoshop techniques, such as retouching and image enhancement.  Apply these to your own situation and save time while giving your images the professional finished look they deserve.

  • Strategies for marketing your business and reaching your financial goals, and how to find the right clients to help you get there. 

  • Plus so much more... 
If you want to build on your existing photography skills by learning proper techniques for creating timeless portraits, Mark will show you the right way to do things.  Learn time-proven classic techniques while still leaving plenty of room for creativity and adopting your own style.  A solid grounding in the fundamentals doesn't stifle creativity, it enhances it!  Just look at some of Picasso's very early work as a good example of this.  Of course, Mark will take you way beyond the fundamentals too - that's assured!   

If you are ready to commit to doing the necessary work in order to improve your wedding and portrait skills, PORTRAIT CLINIC is for you.  If all of this sounds reasonable to you, then membership in PORTRAIT CLINIC will be a good investment of your time. 

Current Membership Options

Membership is FREE For Qualified Photographers!

  • Your FREE membership entitles you to view the majority of the online lessons and participate in all of the community forums.  If you wish to have access to all of the available lessons, you may do so by simply making a donation to the website at any time.  The upgrade process, which lasts for one month, is both simple and automatic.

  • Your FREE membership entitles you to full participation in monthly Group Buys from PORTRAIT CLINIC sponsor vendors.

Registration Procedure


  • Register for membership.  Your application will be reviewed within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Go to the Home Page -, on PORTRAIT CLINIC and scroll down to the very bottom of the page.  Once you are there you will see 'Register Now' on the right hand side.  Click on the link and follow the simple instructions.  Please be certain for carefully read all of the PORTRAIT CLINIC rules and fill in all of the necessary information.
  • IMPORTANT:  You MUST register using your complete real name as your Username; no short forms or other handles are allowed on PORTRAIT CLINIC.  Just to be clear, for example, if your real name is John Smith, your Username will be John Smith. 


  • Once you have completed the FREE membership registration information, we require up to 48 hours to review your application and approve your membership.  Once completed, you will receive a confimation message by email.


  • You may access the PORTRAIT CLINIC website once you have received the confimation email of your registration from us.